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Pool Design Phoenix AZ

Pool Design In Phoenix Az

Dream Pool Design Company 

Outdoor Xscapes turns your backyard dreams into reality with our custom pool design in Phoenix, AZ. We provide design and installation for a variety of pool features, including residential and commercial custom swimming pools, water features, and spa designs. We’re the pool design and landscaping standard with more than seventeen years of experience transforming outdoor living spaces. Learn more about our comprehensive services in landscape and pool design today!

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Leading Pool Designers and Installers

The Valley of the Sun is known for its beautiful weather, and that’s why we believe in ensuring our clients enjoy their outdoor living spaces as much as their home’s interior. Custom swimming pools are an excellent way to make the most of Arizona’s warmer temperatures and make lasting memories with friends and family. Our professional team works closely with you to create innovative ideas for your outdoor space that reflect your style and preferences, from swimming pool construction to installing luxury spas. We offer a wide variety of pool features, including:

  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Spillover Spa
  • Bubblers
  • Deck Jets
  • Scuppers
  • Sheer Descents
  • Laminar Jets
  • Grottos
  • Tanning Ledge Bubblers

Making Backyard Dreams Reality

Outdoor Kitchens and Fire Pits

We do more than pool design; we’re a one-stop shop for all of your outdoor living needs, including outdoor kitchens and fire pits. Outdoor kitchens transform your backyard into a culinary haven, blending functionality and style seamlessly. Whether you’re looking for a sleek modern setup or a rustic outdoor kitchen, we can cater to diverse design tastes. We also design and install fire pits and outdoor fireplaces to complement your outdoor kitchen with a cozy ambiance for those cooler evenings. Your outdoor space deserves to be where every meal and gathering becomes a memorable experience in the comfort of your outdoor haven.

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Backyard Lighting Design and Installation

Backyard lighting design and installation services bring your backyard oasis to life with ambient lighting after the sun sets, from bathing your outdoor space in a warm glow to strategically illuminating key features. Outdoor lighting improves more than just aesthetics; it enhances safety and extends outdoor enjoyment into the late night. We can craft customized lighting masterpieces that make your backyard dreams come true.

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Hardscaping and Lawn Design

We turn ordinary outdoor living spaces into extraordinary outdoor environments, incorporating the finest hardscaping features and lush lawn designs; we can even add patio extensions with artificial turf, always using quality materials to create a functional and beautiful outdoor space for your home or business.

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Let Outdoor Xscapes Design Your Pool Today

Outdoor Xscapes is here through the entire process, from design to installation; we work hard to make your dream backyard happen with expertise ranging from custom pool to design to outdoor BBQ grills. Picture yourself hosting gatherings in your captivating outdoor kitchen or relaxing by the swimming pool on a warm summer day. We explore your dreams and ideas, from the large-scale construction of a brand-new pool to the small finishing touches like decorative lighting. Our services will always prioritize customer satisfaction. Ready to let Outdoor Xscapes start designing your dream backyard in Phoenix, AZ? Call today or fill out our convenient contact form to learn more about our pool design services.

What factors should I consider when designing a pool?
When designing a pool, several key factors come into play. Here are some essential considerations: Intended Use: Determine who will use the pool and for what purpose. Is it for family recreation, exercise, or entertaining guests? This influences the pool’s size, depth, and features. Yard Dynamics: Assess your yard’s suitability for a pool. Consider factors like steep slopes or awkwardly shaped spaces, which can impact construction difficulty and cost. Specialty Features: Think about any desired features, such as waterfalls, slides, or built-in seating. These add character and functionality to your pool. Pool Size and Square Footage: Decide on the pool’s dimensions based on available space and your preferences. Larger pools require more maintenance and cost more to build. Remember, planning ahead ensures a successful pool project!
How long does it take to build a pool?
On average, building a pool takes 8 to 12 weeks. Here’s a breakdown: Design: 1 to 4 weeks for collaboration with a pool designer. Permitting: 2 to 6 weeks, depending on local approvals. Excavation: Usually 1 week, but complications can arise. Steel, Plumbing, Electrical: 1 to 2 weeks for setting up the pool’s infrastructure. Gunite, Plastering, Vinyl, : 1 to 3 weeks for installing the pool itself. Deck, Landscaping, Custom Features: 1 to 4 weeks to complete the project
How do I choose the right pool shape and size for my space?
Selecting the ideal pool size and shape depends on several factors. Here are some considerations to guide your decision: Space: Assess the available outdoor area. Consider the dimensions and layout of your yard. Theme and Style: Choose a pool shape that complements your home and outdoor space. Whether you prefer a classic design or something more unique, consider aesthetics. Usage: Think about how you’ll use the pool. Do you want it for relaxation, exercise, or entertaining? This will impact the size and features you need. Budget: Keep your budget in mind. In-ground pools offer customization but require more planning and installation time. Above-ground pools are quicker to set up but have less longevity. Seek Expert Advice: Consult pool professionals to tailor your pool size and shape to your lifestyle and preferences.
Can I incorporate water features into my pool design?
Absolutely! Incorporating water features into your pool design can enhance the aesthetics and create a luxurious backyard oasis. Here are some exciting options you can consider: Waterfall: Cascade waterfall features add a natural feel to your pool. Consider a grotto-style waterfall with cascading water sliding off real or faux rocks into the pool. Some grottos even have secret entrances, making them perfect for hidden treasures. Waterslide: Adding a waterslide to your pool ramps up the fun during hot summer months. You can choose standard slides or get creative with customized ones using pool tiles. Remember, it’s possible to retrofit water features into an existing pool, but it’s essential to work with a pool professional to ensure proper mechanics and calculations12. Enjoy creating your dream pool!
Do I need a permit to build a pool?
In almost every town and city across the country, you need to apply for one or more permits to build a swimming pool. This also applies to above ground pools1. To find out exactly which permits you need, contact your local Homeowner’s Association (HOA) and the municipal authority. Some HOAs don’t allow their residents to build pools due to factors like noise level and safety concerns, among others. However, most HOAs will likely approve your pool project without much hassle. Remember to check with them beforehand to cover your bases